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Testimonials are very important to me. I strive to bring relief, support, comfort, balance and joy into people's lives, so hearing about people's experiences after using one of my services is the seed of my development and growth. I welcome your feedback, and am grateful for everyone who has taken the time to submit a review. Your words may help someone else make a positive change in their life.




Calming & encouraging ~ Megan was my doula and I am beyond grateful that she was. I was terrified of getting induced and wanting to try natural without any medication and she was so calming and encouraging. I swear I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. She cares so much and you can see it in the photo. I can’t thank her enough and I can’t say enough great things about her. Highly highly recommend her!  Simone- Navy wife/Mom/Superwoman, Virginia beach VA

Love & support ~ I benefited from Megan in many ways. I received her magical touch with prenatal massages and some really epic releases with craniosacral therapy. in addition, she was my doula for the birth of my 2nd son. although, our birth didn't go exactly as planned , megan was a bright light of love and support through it all. she is truly a wealth of knowledge and incredibly skilled. a true gift!!  Ali-Navy Wife/Mom/Superwoman Virginia Beach VA.

Thankful every day that she was there for me ~ Megan was my "Doula" before she even knew she wanted to be a Doula.  13 years ago, I gave birth to my first born daughter, Ava.  The birthing experience didn't go as planned...AT ALL.  I had to have an emergency C-section after hours upon hours of pushing to no avail... I am extremely claustrophobic.  Part of my birthing plan was that, should I have to have an emergency C-section, they were NOT to strap down my arms during the procedure.  Well, because the anaesthesiologist apparently gave me a "high block" ( which didn't know what this was until years later when pregnant with my second daughter), I literally lost my mind in the operating room as I couldn't feel myself breath.  Because of my panic, they in turn attempted to strap my arms down and give me oxygen at the same time.  Which again, for anyone who has claustrophobia you can imagine this did not go over too well.  Megan was there with me during the entire pushing process and normally they would only allow the father in the OR, but they made this exception because of my condition to allow Megan to come in as well.  Megan was able to relax me during the process, she got to witness her first C-section, and when all was said and done, they knocked me out so they could put me back together after my daughter was born.  When I woke up, who was there yet again to comfort me?  Megan.  I honestly don't think I could have made it through this very stressful yet magical time without her by my side.  With her caring, calming, and nurturing nature...she was born for this "job".  Love, Love, Love Megan and so thankful every day that she was there for me! Beth-High School Counselor, Leesburg, VA. 


Amazing & skilled ~ Megan is an amazing massage therapist. She has been in practice for 12 years and you can tell her hands have the experience. I have had many massage therapist and she is the first to find the tools needed to break up a chronic shoulder blade issue. She is not only skilled with her massage technique she uses cranial sacral techniques and cupping techniques that break up scar tissue. She is amazing!!! Carly- Chiropractor- Virginia Beach


Changed my life ~ Megan has mastered her art and is a wonderful and inviting soul. I had my first cupping experience with her and it changed my life!  Sarah, Student, Virginia Beach

Talented & knowledgable ~ Megan is one of the most talented and knowledgeable massage therapists that I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Sonia- Massage Therapist, Haliewa, Hawaii

Highly Recommend ~ Megan goes above and beyond for her clients. She is really friendly, with a warm personality, and she’s a great listener. She helped me with a hip problem I have had for YEARS with ONE massage session. I highly recommend her services 💕 Addie- Doula, Virginia Beach VA

Truly amazing ~ I have had several bodywork treatments from Megan with different modalities and she is truly amazing. Kind, compassionate and skilled. Accommodates my crazy nurse schedule and I could not recommend more highly. Chaia- Nurse and Student Midwife, New Jersey

Magic hands ~ Fantastic. Megan has magic hands. I felt a million times better after a treatment. Omi, Resort Reservations, Kaneohe, Hawaii

Absolute best Megan is Magical! I wish I could teleport her to me for her Massage and Craniosacral therapy. She is the absolute best!!! Rebecca, aesthetician- Madison Wisconsin

Amazing ~ Megan is amazing! I came in with specific issues and she made sure each area was addressed, checked in with me to make sure that the pressure was good and did some amazing cupping leaving me feeling so much better! As a therapist, I am so happy to find a therapist that does an amazing job and can keep me in working order! Thanks Megan!! Kathy- Massage Therapist, Virginia Beach VA

Incredible massage ~ Megan is a kind soul who’s experience and energy is unmatched in the VA Beach area. She is attentive to your concerns, she is an incredible massage therapist, and she will certainly be getting my business for years to come. Treat yourself to a body experience from a real professional who has mastered her craft. Jerod- USNavy- Virginia Beach, VA

Skilled & caring ~ Megan is skilled, caring & intuitive. I’d highly recommend! Becky- Marketing Expert- Virginia Beach VA

Positive energy ~ If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of being around this incredible woman’s positive energy, give yourself and your body a gift and book a class or a massage! Laurel- US Coast Guard, Waimonalo, Hawaii

Simply the best ~ Was able to help me and my husband on several occasions thru massage, CST or cupping. Simply the best. Thx u Amy- Pharmaceutical sales rep and rodan and fields entrepreneur, New Providence, New Jersey

Talented & kind ~ I was recently in the area of Makai Therapeutics from out of town. I woke up with a kinked neck and terrible headache from an old neck injury. Megan was able to give me relief using both massage therapy and cranio-sacral work. I cannot believe that these modalities could provide such quick relief over pharma alternatives. Megan is both talented and kind, and I wish I lived closer to take advantage of her skills regularly. ❤️ Amy- Navy Wife/Mom/Superhero Alexadria, Virginia

Highly recommend ~ Megan is a true professional! Her caring nature made me feel at ease and her therapeutic massage provided much needed relief. I am so happy I found Megan and so grateful for her dedicated work. Highly recommended!!  Christine- Massage Therapist, Gulf Shores, Mississippi

Experienced ~ If you are looking for a therapeutic and relaxing massage Megan is the person for you. Megan is very experienced and has a fantastic method. She's one of the best therapists I've ever been too. I can't wait to book my next Megan massage!  Chiah- Massage Therapist- Virginia Beach, VA

Strongly suggest ~ I'm what is known in the spa industry as a "massage snob". I won't let just anyone work on me except people I trust. I trust Megan wholeheartedly. I met her in a massage workshop then had the pleasure of being a massage therapy co-worker. She knows what she is doing and does it extremely well. More importantly, she cares about her clients. Megan's joy and true passion for bodywork bubbles out of her. She is a people person for sure. Strongly, suggest you make an appointment or pick up a class. Danielle- Teacher- Monterey, California

Immediate relief ~ Megan does a great job helping me recover from tough workouts. The cupping gives me immediate relief as soon as I get off the table!  Meghan- USNavy- Virginia Beach VA



Natural flow ~ Megan is a fantastically talented healer with a holistic approach. Her yoga classes are cohesive and have a natural flow with thoughtful and knowledgeable adjustments that greatly enhance all levels of practitioner. Her natural intuition, careful study, thoughtful approach and attention to detail make her massages a fantastic combination of relaxation and true healing. Laurel- US Coast Guard, Waimonalo, Hawaii

Nurturing ~ Megan's classes incorporate a warming flow with nurturing undertones, so happy I found her in Virginia Beach! Becky-Media Coordinator, Virginia Beach. 

Really enjoy ~ Megan understands the needs for both the yin and yang, the movement and the relaxation. I really enjoy her morning classes :) Thanks Megan! Jess-yoga enthusiast, Virginia Beach.


Can't thank her enough ~ Used this gem of an artist to make some bracelets for my wedding guest gift bags. The result was beyond what I pictured. Megan was a please to work and deal with. She delivered a finished product early, wrapped beautifully and priced just right. My husband and I can't thank her enough for that extra special touch. I highly recommend using Makai Therapeutics! Erin- Independent Catastrophic Insurance Adjuster, Stanhope, NJ

Such heart ~ she puts such heart into her beautifully hand made malas and jewelry which I consistently get complements on. Laurel- US Coast Guard, Waimonalo, Hawaii

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