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An Overview of Makai
Professional Experience
Personal Background


Makai Therapeutics can help you develop physical, emotional and energetic balance and wellness via a multitude of holistic and thoughtful approaches. Megan uses her varied and extensive skills, acute intuition and inviting warmth to help you be the best possible version of yourself. Makai promotes health, happiness, balance and growth with the use of practices such as physical body work, massage, craniosacral, cupping, yoga, meditation and more. Megan also uses her skills to provide unique doula care packages, offering natural and supportive guidance during pregnancy, labor and after birth. On top of this Megan also hand crafts meditation tools such as 108 malas, custom jewelry, hanging crystals and other things to bring joy and some sparkle into your life. Try Makai, and do something your future self will thank you for. 


Doula Training:

Birth Journeys, DONA Doula Workshop (2018)

The Spinning Babies® Workshop (2019)


Therapeutics & Body Work Training:

Upledger Institute, CranioSacral for Pediatrics (2019)

Upledger Institute, SomatoEmotional Release (2016, 2017)

Upledger Institute, CranioSacral 2 (2016, 2017)

Upledger Institute, CranioSacral 1 (2015, 2017)

Ace Cupping, Ace Massage Cupping (2016)

Thai Yoga Bodywork, Theraputic Thai 1, Michael Sitzer (2014)

Hawaii Healing Arts, Lomi Lomi Massage (2009)

Honolulu Salon and Spa, Refresher course (2008) 

Upledger Institute, Intro to CranioSacral Therapy (2005)

Institute of Thai Massage, Nuab Bo-Rarn Thai Massage Level 1 (2005)

Yoga Training:

Yoga Wall , Terry Brown (2013)

Bird Rock Yoga, 200 hr Vinyasa Teacher Training (2012)

Journey into the Heart of Yoga, Bhava Ram (2012)

Ayurveda Wellness, Laura Plumb (2012)

Chakaras, Dhyana Wade (2012)

Yoga Anatomy, Rachel Krentzman (2012)

Art of Possibility, Transending Yoga (2012)


Originally from a small town in New Jersey, at the age of 21 I decided I needed to get out of my comfort zone and move onto something new. I bought a one-way ticket, packed 2 suit cases and headed to Hawaii. While on the beautiful island of O'ahu, my eyes were opened to a different way of life. My interest for holistic health grew and I decided my journey as a bodyworker was about to begin.  I began looking for a place to study and my search led me to a beautiful town in Arizona surrounded by red rocks and filled with people that shared my passion. I couldn't have picked a more perfect place to study massage than Sedona.

After massage school I made my way back to Hawaii where I spent my mornings working as a naturalist/tour guide, taking people to swim with wild dolphins.  I met people from all over the world and got to see things that I thought were only part of my dreams. I spent my afternoons working at an incredible spa on the North Shore sharing my love of bodywork with anyone that would allow me to. I was living a dream.

After 6 beautiful years in the Hawaii sun, sand and water, I felt like I wanted more. I took myself to a different coast and started exploring the shores of California. In California I deepened my practice of yoga and completed my 200hr teacher training.

The past several years I have maintained my massage, craniosacral therapy and yoga practice and as I felt my CST practice towards pediatrics in 2018 I made the decision to dive into becoming a doula.  I love the connections created with my Doula families and I am constantly inspired by what a woman’s body is capable of.   I don’t see me ever getting tired of being part of the team guiding families through childbirth

I enjoy the constant learning experience bodywork, yoga and being a Doula bring to my life.  Now planting my feet on the sand on the Emerald Coast I can't wait to see what is in store for me.


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